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Our New Products




Our New Products

2016-03-15 05:45:00 & Posted by : Mr Super admin root

Rupashi group was established in 1993 since then the group has expanded substantially to become one of the largest groups amongst textile sector in Bangladesh.

The Application requires:

    • Apache web server with mod_rewrite or Lighttpd 

    • MySQL database server, version 5.0 or later 

    • PHP version 5.2 or later 

    • In addition, the following PHP extension must be installed on your web server:

    • gd: For geneating thumbnails 

    • json: For processing JSON format 

    • mbstring: Support multiple bytes string as creating sub-string of given Unicode string, ... mysql

    • mysqli 

    • pdo 

    • pdo_mysql 

    • simplexml

    • xml 

    • xmlreader 

    • If you want to upload hooks/plugins/widgets/language packages, the following extension is required to unzip file: 

    • zlib or zip

    • You can point your web browser to http://yourdomain/phpinfo.php to see information about current installed PHP version.