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Our Challenge

We welcome you to visit our Factory in Bangladesh at your convenience and to judge for yourselves, why we are the most unique professional factory management center in Bangladesh. We guarantee the best quality, the best prices but also and a service which is unmatched and unrevealed. The days of the typical buying agents or buying houses are long gone. What customers require now is a breath of fresh air, a new concept, a new era we provide just that headache and hassle free sourcing and buying. Our professionalism will guarantee you a good night sleep!

Understanding the needs of our customer
We have the knowledge of every single problem of sourcing and buying around the world. Having relocated to Bangladesh, the objective was very clear. we had to provide a solution to each of these problems a customer faces in their daily life of sourcing and buying, especially from Bangladesh. The major requirements of every customer are:

1.Quality control at every stage of production and professional final inspection confirming to the AQL levels specified by the customer.
2.Competitive prices without compromise on quality.
3.Short lead-time.
4.Continues feedback on new fabric and product development.
5.Quick sampling and in-house design studio
6.rompt quotations.
7.Instant replies to queries and general communication.
8.Easy and prompt access to information of customers orders-daily production QC report, critical paths, status, and documentation.
9.Information on competition.
10.Assistance and advice on product improvement and enhancement.
11.Flexibility in service to customer and ability to change as required.
12.Factories compliance complies with required ethical standards.

Sourcing To provide a non-stop service to the valued clients, we got our own sourcing of fabric and accessories within the country and the Group is associated with a number of reputed factories within the country.

Bank: Sonali Bank Ltd,
Narayangonj Corporate Branch.
Narayangonj, Bangladesh.
Swift No: