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   Rupashi Fabrics Complex (Pvt.) Ltd.(Poly Bag Division) 
 Machine NameBrand Country of Origin  Qty. 
 P.P machine  Neptune India 2 Set
 Botton Sealing  A.K Pack & Machinery
Thailand 1 Set
 Botton Sealing  Hy Plus Thailand/Taiwan 1 Set
 Side Sealing  Dyna Star India 2 Set
 Side Sealing Dyna Star Taiwan 1 Set
 Flexo Print  Hy Plus Taiwan 1 Set
 Flexo Print  Hy Plus India 1 Set
 L.D Machine  Neptune India 1 Set
 L.D Machine  Manual Bangladesh 1 Set
Production Capacity         250000 Pcs

Total Workers                   15 Person