19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA


Operating with the latest Automatic Machinery and Technicians.

We have printed all kinds of fabrics Allover Print.
Quality of Print: Pigment, Reactive, Dispose of, Discharge, Burn out, Glitter

Type Of Printing:

We do printing with plastisol, And Water-based inks, pigment printing, foil printing, flock printing, sublimation printing, etc.

Infra-Red Heated Traveling  
  Carriage Machine : 10 Pcs
  Flat Screen Printing Table : 06 Pcs (Per Table 140 Sqft with Auto Dryer 8 Pcs)
  Curing Oven : 01 Pcs
  Mixer machine : 02 Pcs
  Emboss Machine : 10 Pcs
  Sample Machine : 01 Pcs
  Hit Press Machine : 15 Pcs Stone, Foil, Sticker, With Design And Lesser Machine (Capacity As per Picture)
  Floor Space : 25,000 Sqft.
  Production Capacity : 10,000 Pcs per Hour (Approx and Average Color)
  Total Employee : 180 Person.
  Manpower :
95 People.
  Production Capacity : 20000 kg per Day.